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Articles & Plans

Scale Model Spotlight

Santos-Dumont 14bis Santos-Dumont 14bis peanut by Anders Sellman
Demoiselle Santos-Dumont Demoiselle by Georg Törnkvist
REP B REP B by Anders Sellman
Paulhan-Tatin Aero-Torpille Paulhan-Tatin Aero-Torpille by Ingmar Knif
Deperdussin Monoplane Deperdussin Monoplane by Georg Törnkvist
Sommer monoplane 1912 Sommer monoplane peanut by Andrea Hartstein
Drzewiecki Drzewiecki Canard peanut by Andrea Hartstein
Sopwith Triplane Nieuport 11 peanut by Lennart Lilienberg
Sopwith Triplane Sopwith Triplane peanut by Thomas Hultgren
Albatros DIII Albatros DIII peanut by Tommy Westlin
Fokker F2 Fokker F2 by Ingmar Knif
HP Sayers Handley-Page Sayers peanut by Andrea Hartstein
Tipsy S2 Tipsy S2 peanut by Gustaf Enebog
Udet Flamingo Udet Flamingo pistachio by Lars Tolkstam
Piaggio-Pegna Piaggio-Pegna PC7 peanut by Sven Pontan
Farman Moustique Farman Moustique peanut by Anders Sellman
Tiger Moth Tiger Moth peanut by Georg Törnkvist
ASJA Viking 1 ASJA Viking peanut by Johan Wallin
WACO SRE WACO SRE peanut by Lennart Lilienberg
Tefft Contester Tefft Contester peanut by Sven Pontan
Jodel Bebe Jodel Bébé pistachio by Johan Wallin.
Lacey M-10 Lacey M-10 by Anders Sellman
Lacey M-10 Lacey M-10 peanut by Andrea Hartstein
BA 4B pistachio Andreasson BA-4B pistachio by Georg Törnkvist
Wittman Witts V peanut Wittman Witts V peanut by Georg Törnkvist
Pober Pixie pistachio Pober Pixie pistachio by Georg Törnkvist

Miscellaneous Photos

Waterman Waterman Gosling peanut by Lennart Lilienberg
Caudron C460 Caudron racer by Lennart Lilienberg
WACO Miss Los Angeles peanut by Lennart Lilienberg
WACO pistachio WACO pistachio by Tomas Hultgren
Zippy Sport Zippy Sport peanut by Georg Törnkvist
Pober Pixie Pober Pixie pistachio by Georg Törnkvist
F1D Sven Pontan launching his F1D
F1D transport box Sven Pontan's transparent F1D transport box
SE5 Nocal SE5 NoCal by Anders Sjöberg
Messerschmitt 108 Nocal Messerscmitt Bf108 Nocal
Waterman Nocals Line up of Waterman Gosling Nocals
Wright L Wright L peanut by Thomas Hultgren
Deperdussin Deperdussin peanut by Georg Törnkvist
Tiger Moth Tiger Moth by Georg Törnkvist
tiny J21 SAAB J21 by Georg Törnkvist
Tipsy Nocal Tipsy Nocal by Björn Blom
X15 Nocal X15 Nocal
Gerstel Carl-Anders Gerstel with a bunch of gliders
Pontan EZB F1L by Sven Pontan
Hultgren EZB Thomas Hultgren with two F1L's
Tiny ornithopter Ornithopter by Georg Törnkvist
Large ornithpter 1 Rubber powered ornithopter by Kenneth Barman
Large ornithopter 2 Another large ornithopter by Kenneth Barman

Some outdoor models

Worlds largest? Worlds largets free flight model?
Cirrus A Wentzel Cirrus vintage model built by Kalle Quarfordt.
Fröjd Tomas Hultgren with his Wentzel Fröjd vintage model.
REP Parasol CO2-powered REP Parasol by Andrea Hartstein

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