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The Swedish indoor championships 1998


The 1998 Swedish indoor championships took place in Örebro, and was organized by the Nimbus modelflying club, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. The duration classes showed an increase in entries compared to previous years, while in peanut numbers were down somewhat.

Manhattan Cabin

This class has never before been flown in Sweden, so it came as a surprise when it was included in the competition invitation. Lennart Lilienberg built a model which was ready just in time for the competition, I built a model which was not. We both found it difficult to come anywhere near the minimum weight. Ingvar Persson and Ove Carlsson from Skåne had models covered in ordinary japanese tissue, which were probably even heavier. All the models were flyable, but the gap between the winner Anders Sjöberg and the others was large.

Manhattan Cabin
Anders Sjöbergs Manhattan. It's the Columbia II from Ron Williams plan in Building and flying Indoor Model Airplanes.

No.CompetitorClubTime of single best flight (s)
1Anders SjöbergHaninge224
2Lennart LilienbergHaninge104
3Ingvar PerssonAKM93
4Ove CarlssonAcro flyers70

F4F Peanut

The entries in peanut were a bit lower than they have been previously in Örebro, and most of the models had been seen before. One person on whom one can rely on to bring something new is Lennart Lilienberg. This year he had a biplane racer built in mixed foam/balsa, and a Miss Los Angeles racer built in traditional stick & tissue technique. The biplane racer needed more trimming and had to be put aside, but the Miss Los Angeles flew very well from the beginning, and in addition got the highest static score. Another new model was Gustav Enebog's Sukhoi. At 18 grams it is rather heavy for a peanut, and must be difficult to trim. In spite of that it proved stable enough, but would have needed more space. It flew better the next day; outdoor this time. The winner was my Drzewiecki Canard, which got the highest duration.

No.CompetitorClubPlaneTime of 2 best flights (s)Flight placingScale pointsScale placingTotal placing
1Andrea HartsteinRed BaronDrzewiecki Canard136145.523
2Lennart LilienbergHaningeMiss Los Angeles89554.516
-Lennart LilienbergHaningeVoisin Hydro-Canard123343.558
3Olle BlombergMFK NimbusBücker Jungmann55745310
3Lars LjungbergHaningeLacey M10132237.5810
5Gustaf EnebogMFK NimbusSukhoi Su2626845311
6Lars TolkstamMFK NimbusPiper J3 Cub94432.51014
7Johan SvanestrandMFK NimbusPiper J3 Cub84633.5915
7Georg TörnkvistHaningeGoon-941615
-Georg TörnkvistHaningeDeperdussin Monocoque-939.5716

Drzewiecki peanut
Andrea Hartstein's winning Drzewiecki peanut
Read more about in in the photo gallery.
Sukhoi peanut
Lilienberg with Miss Los Angeles peanut
Lennart Lilienberg with 2:nd place Miss Los Angeles racer
Photo from Modellflygnytt
Sukhoi peanut
Gustaf Enebog's fine Sukhoi Su 26. It needed more space than the hall could offer, but the next day it flew about 30 seconds outdoor.
Photos from Gustaf Enebog


This class has only had 3 competitors for the last few years, but this year the number of entries was almost doubled. Jonas Romblad and Tomas Leijon flew EZB:s, but were not far behind the "proper" F1D:s. Sven Pontan had bad luck with his flights, while Lars Lindén did a couple of safe flights with his quite old model to win the competition.

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (m:s)Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Lars LindénMFK Nimbus13:4910:1524:04
2Sven-Olof LindénMFK Nimbus11:2011:2922:49
3Sven PontanHaninge11:189:0220:20
4Tomas LeijonHaninge10:179:2319:40
5Jonas RombladHaninge7:547:4215:36


This class was dominated by the Haninge club, with both Romblad, Hultgren and Pontan making flights over 10 minutes. A newcomer to EZB was Tomas Leijon, who had built an original asymmetric model with a quite short tailboom length compared to usual practice, and got good results from it.

Thomas Leijon with his F1L
Thomas Leijon shows his F1L with asymmetric dihedral

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (s)Time of 2 best flights(s)
1Jonas RombladHaninge7457001445
2Thomas HultgrenHaninge6936551348
3Sven PontanHaninge6026571259
4Bengt StibnerMalmö6155431158
5Georg TörnkvistHaninge5785541132
6Tomas LeijonHaninge5395601099
7Andrea HartsteinRed Baron529468997
8Sven-Olof LindénMFK Nimbus322389711


This is a Swedish equivalent to the continental F1D-beginner class. Since some years Jonas Romblad have had the habit of winning every 50-öres competition he enters, and no one was surprised when he yet again emerged as the winner. His model has a very large chord to take full advantage of the rules, the covering is on the underside of the wing, and wing tip end plates are fitted. Read Romblad's own account of his experiments, and the merits of upper/underside covering,.

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (s)Time of 2 best flights (s)
1Jonas RombladHaninge6286681296
2Kalle WesterbladLimhamn403486889
3Ove CarlssonAcro Flyers444418862
4Bengt StibnerMalmö448399847
5Sven PontanHaninge487-487
6Lars LindénMFK Nimbus132296428
7Sven-Olof LindénMFK Nimbus165168333


The winner of this class was Birgit Törnkvist, whose Wittman Racer flew about half a minute longer than anyone else. Especially worth mentioning are also Lennart Lilienberg's gigantic Mongster racing biplane, and Lars Tolkstam's de Havilland Hornet (a derivative of the Mosquito). The Mongster weighs about 12 grams if I remember correctly. Nontheless, it made flights over 2 minutes. Tolkstam's DH Hornet was especially well finished, and despite having two rather short motors it flew without problem for a duration of about 1 minute.

Nocal, senior
No.CompetitorClubModelTime of 2 best flights (s)
1Birgit TörnkvistHaningeWittman Racer403
2Kalle WesterbladLimhamnMaule M5322
3Åsa KivlingMFK NimbusSpitfire PRXIX317
4Lars TolkstamMFK NimbusMesserschmitt Bf 108B286
5Tomas LeijonHaningeHeinkel He178251
6Anders SjöbergHaningeMIG 3244
7Ginger SjöbergHaningeBumble Bee225
8Lennart LilienbergHaningeMongster196
9Lars LindénMFK NimbusMesserschmitt Bf 109E152
10Gösta LeijonNyköpingMartin Baker MB5142
11Gösta LeijonNyköpingBell Airacobra114
12Gösta LeijonNyköpingFFVS J2296
12Andrea HartsteinRed BaronWestland-Hill Pterodactyl 591
13Ingvar PerssonAKMBücker Jungmeister68
14Georg TörnkvistHaningeSAAB J21A58
15Lars TolkstamMFK NimbusDH Hornet54
16Johan SvanstrandMFK NimbusP51B Mustang29

Nocal, junior
No.CompetitorClubModelTime of 2 best flights (s)
1My SchafferHaningeSpitfire Mk1190
2Daniel BrånnMFK NimbusWestland Wyvern173
3Daniel BrånnMFK NimbusFocke Wulf 190D170
4Jonas JohanssonMFK NimbusFocke Wulf 190D110
5Erik PetterssonMFK NimbusDassault-Breguet Falcon 1086
6Dennis VargaMFK NimbusSAAB J21A70


Miniflyg is a competition for Delta Dart (Flugan in Swedish) and other similair models.
Daniel Brånn knows how to get the most out of a Delta Dart. He got the best single flight, 80 sec, and won the junior competition. His total result was actually one second ahead of Olle Blomberg, the senior winner.

Miniflyg, senior
No.CompetitorClubTime of 2 best flights (s)
1Olle BlombergMfk Nimbus133
2Erik HussRiddarhyttan112
3Lars TolkstamMFK Nimbus105

Miniflyg, junior
No.CompetitorClubTime of 2 best flights (s)
1Daniel BrånnMfk Nimbus134
2Erik PetterssonMFK Nimbus113
3Filip TångströmMFK Nimbus91
4David PetterssonMfk Nimbus85
5Michael RingMFK Nimbus77
6Erik RääfMFK Nimbus72
7Joakim TångströmMfk Nimbus49
8Björn CarlsénMFK Nimbus48
9Daniel WilhelmssonMFK Nimbus33
10Jonas JohanssonMFK Nimbus22

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