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The Swedish indoor championships 2011

The 2011 Swedish indoor champs once again took place in Sätrahallen, Stockholm. The competition was held over two days, with the first day reserved for Nocal, A-6 and trimming. A-6 has caught on, and had the largest participation with 12 entries. It was nice to see some new names here, and one of those new names, Per Widing, won with excellent flights of about six minutes duration.

In F1D, Mats Licke had built his first F1D, and the number of entries were up from the usual three to five. Jonas Romblad won by a very large margin, his best flight was nearly 30 minutes!

In peanut, we had a healthy entry of 13 models, 9 competitors. The canards by Andrea (Drzewiecki) and Anders (Santos-Dumont) combined good scale points with duration, and took first and second respectively. Henrik Tissel's Peck-Polymer BA4B, proxy flown by Tolkstam, placed third. Georg entered an old but exquisite Tiger Moth. It was built for one of the Interscale competitions in Nottingham, and features Robin Hood as pilot! It placed top in the scale judgement, but unfortunately it was out of trim, and only made one short flight.
In pistachio, Tolkstam was yet again victorious with his excellent Udet Flamingo. Second place went to Georg with his new Bleriot 25.

In nocal finally, Birgit did not win with her Wittman racer!. Lars Tolkstam made a new larger propeller for his Messerschmitt 108, and as a result increased his flight times to over three minutes, which was enough to win. Andrea also flew a Me 108, but it broke a wing flying into a wall, and had to be replaced by her trusty old Bristol Scout.

Some photos

Tapio Linkosalo with his F1D


Scale judges Sven-Olof and Vailet

Tiger Moth peanut
Georg Törnkvist's beautiful Tiger Moth.
Read more about it in the photo gallery.
Bleriot 25 pistachio
Here is Georg's Bleriot 25 pistachio
Microplano Veloz pistachio
Anders Sellberg's pistachio Microplano Veloz.
Click image for larger picture.
MFI Junior peanut
Hans Karlsson's MFI 9B Junior.


Georg Törnkvist's electric Deperdussin was tentatively test-flown attached to a string
See the photo gallery for more photos of this museum scale model.

Jodel pistachio
Johan adjusts his Jodel pistachio
Winding Inge Ahlin's Nesmith Cougar



PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Jonas Romblad172517713496
2Tapio Linkosalo112011472267
3Sven Pontan6727931465
4Hans Karlsson6537311384
5Mats Licke6816331314


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1David Brohede7747981572
2Mats Licke7987651563
3Sven Pontan8036271430
4Andrea Hartstein5645821146
5Magnus Candell490481971


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Tapio Linkosalo8228401662
2Hans Karlsson381410791
3Anders Sellman191240431
4Bengt Stibner127213340


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Kalle Westerblad371370741
2Georg Törnkvist323392715
3Bo-Eskil Nilsson243315558
4Bertil Henriksson9299191
5David Brohede122-122


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Per Widing368363731
2Mats Licke335342677
3Andrea Hartstein281285566
4Anders Sellman284259543
5Georg Törnkvist259279538
6Kalle Westerblad262270532
7Magnus Candell267235502
8David Brohede241237478
9Bo-Eskil Nilsson248175423
10Andreas Sjödin198207405
11Fredrik Pettersson186172358
12Bengt Stibner9877175


PlaceCompetitorPlane2 best flights (sec)Single best flight (sec)
1Lars TolkstamBf 108 Taifun171192192
2Birgit TörnkvistWittman Racer172160172
3Kalle WesterbladMaule 5142151151
4Andrea HartsteinBristol Scout106106106
5S-O LindénMr Mulligan405050
6Inge AhlinPiper Cub484949


PlacingCompetitorPlane2 best flights (s)Sum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankScale pointsScale rankTotal ranking
1Andrea HartsteinDrzewiecki Canard7786163156.534
2Anders SellmanSantos-Dumont 14bis7061131361.025
(3)Andrea HartsteinLacey M107778155248.546
3Henrik TisellAndreasson BA4-B5555110446.0610
4Georg TörnkvistTiger Moth14-141163.5112
5Lars TolkstamPiper J3 Cub5851109544.5712
6Hans KarlssonBücker Jungmann212647947.0514
7Lars LindénNesmith Cougar454590640.0915
(8)Lars LindénPiper J3 Cub373875841.0816
8Inge AhlinNesmith Cougar364177734.01118
(9)Hans KarlssonMFI 9B Junior1333461037.01020
9Bengt StibnerNesmith Cougar2-21234.01123
(10)Bengt StibnerPietenpol Air Camper2-21233.01325


PlacingCompetitorPlane2 best flights (s)Sum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankScale pointsScale rankTotal ranking
1Lars TolkstamUdet U-12b Flamingo4466110136.012
2Georg TörnkvistBleriot 25464490232.024
3Johan WallinJodel D-9323264330.036
4Anders SellmanMicroplano Veloz282654427.048

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