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The Swedish Indoor Championships 2005

The 2005 Swedish Indoor championships took place in September, in the "Sätrahallen" in Stockholm. It is a very good hall for indoor flying, with a nice, clean ceiling of about 15 meters.


F1D was won by Jonas Romblad, who is in a class of his own. Second and third place by Pontan and F1D-newcomer Hans Karlsson respectively.

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Jonas Romblad147616233099
2Sven Pontan128813342622
3Hans Karlsson8089471755


F1L had David and myself fighting for first place. The outcome was not decided until the final flight, when my model was caught by a pendant loudspeaker, leaving David with a higher total score. It was nice to see a few newcomers in this class, which has become the most popular of the indoor classes.

Hartstein F1L

Andreaīs F1L in flight

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1David Holmström7587631521
2Andrea Hartstein6588421500
3Kalle Westerblad6647011365
4Lasse Britts6466331279
5Mats Licke472473945
6Magnus Candell438392830
7Lars Eriksson266314580


Curt Högberg took first place by quite a large margin.

Hans Karlsson's F1M

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Curt Högberg5905471137
2Hans Karlsson580248828
3Anders Sellman361397758
4Bo Torstensson378373751


Won by Scanian Kalle Westerblad, well known for his regular indoor contributions to Modellflygnytt, the "official" Swedish model flying magazine.

No.Competitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Kalle Westerblad418446864
2Daniel Olsson384377761
3Georg Törnkvist346346692
4Lars Eriksson225-225

F4F - Peanut

The peanut class had a disappointing entry of only three persons, five models. Lennart Lilienbergs Voisin Canard fared best in the scale judgement, while my Drzewiecki Canard had the greatest duration, and these models placed 2:nd and 1:st respectively. As Lennart also entered a Bleriot XXV canard, which placed joint third, there was quite a dominance of the tail-first flyers.

PlacingCompetitorPlane2 best flights (s)Sum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankScale pointsScale rankTotal ranking
1Andrea HartsteinDrzewiecki Canard7685161149.023
2Lennart LilienbergVoisin Hydro-Canard24325655916
3Lars TolkstamPiper Cub7266138244.557
(3)Lennart LilienbergBleriot XXV5058108345.547
(3)Andrea HartsteinHandley-Page Sayers444488448.537

Drzewiecki peanut
Andreaīs Drzewiecki Canard.
Read more about it in the photo gallery.
Piper Cub peanut
Lars Tolkstamīs Piper Cub, built from the Peck-Polymer kit


For the first time, the pistachio class was included in the Swedish championships this year. There were not many entries, just three, plus Tolkstams Udet Flamingo which had not been finished in time.
I entered my old ANT-2, a Soviet passanger aircraft from the early twenties. I have never been able to trim this model properly, and it was thus no surprise when it utterly failed to perform. Anders had better luck with his new Dornier Falke (from a Dave Linstrum plan I believe). After changing to a larger propeller it flew for 60 seconds, the best flight of the day. But the winner was Lennart Lilienberg with his Voisin Canard, which had better scale points and flew for almost as long.

PlacingCompetitorPlane2 best flights (s)Sum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankScale pointsScale rankTotal ranking
1Lennart LilienbegVoisin Hydro-Canard5249101228.013
2Anders SellmanDornier Falke5860118117.034
3Andrea HartsteinTupolev ANT-29918323.025

Dornier Falke pistachio
Anders Dornier Falke, a good flyer.
Tupolev ANT-2 pistachio
Andreaīs Tupolev ANT-2, not a good flyer.
Voisin Hydroplan
Lennarts Voisin canard won the class
unbuilt Udet Flamingo pistachio
And Lars Tolkstamīs Udet Flamingo was not finished in time

Combined F4D-F4E

Due to the small number of entries, the F4D (rubber powred) and F4E (CO2/electric-powered) classes were merged into a combined class. Anders Sellman had a new model, a rubber powered Lacey built from the Ron Williams plan in Building and flying indoor model aircraft. Even though it was low on scale points, its flights were very realistic, and won the competition. Lennart Lilienberg had entered his old WACO peanut, which placed second, and Georg's CO2-powered Demoiselle unfortunately failed to register a qualifying fligth, and placed last. Outside of competition it then made a perfect flight...

PlaceCompetitorModelFlight pointsScale pointsTotal points
1Anders SellmanLacey M-105435221065
2Lennart LilienbergWACO SRE400541941
3Georg TörnkvistSantos-Dumont Demoiselle0568568

Santos-Dumont Demoiselle
Georg Törnkvists Santos-Dumont Demoiselle.
Read more about it in the photo gallery
Anders Sellmans Lacey M10
Read more about it in the photo gallery


The Nocal class had quite a good turnout of entries. Birgit Törnkvist won (as usual) with her Wittman Racer, which flies for over three minutes.

PlaceCompetitorModelSingle best flight (s)
1Birgit TörnkvistWittman Racer203
2Lars TolkstamHeinkel He 112167
3Anders SjöbergBumble Bee154
4Andrea HartsteinBristol Scout102
5Daniel OhlssonCaudron racer78

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