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The Swedish Indoor Championships 2003

The 2003 Swedish Indoor championships took place in the "Kombihall" in Malmö 2003-09-06.


Jonas Romblad is one of the top flyers at international level, and it did not come as a surprise when he won the F1D class by a very large margin. Hans Karlsson and Bengt Stibner flew F1Ls.

Peter Cométs F1D
Peter Cométs models, F1D (center) and F1M (right)

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Jonas Romblad153915573096
2Peter Comét8239891812
3Hans Karlsson441401842
4Bengt Stibner393331724


Jonas Romblad won this class too, with myself in second place. I had built a new model which was a considerable improvement over my previous F1L, but it still didn't even come close to Jonas performance.

Hartstein F1L

Andrea Hartsteinīs new F1L on its stand

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Jonas Romblad8247871611
2Andrea Hartstein6045981202
3Kalle Westerblad5665481114
4Bengt Stibner495471966
5Hans Karlsson507432939


Peter Comét won, with Hans Karlsson close behind.

Sellmans F1M
Anders Sellman's F1M

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Peter Comét5085001008
2Hans Karlsson487478965
3Anders Sellman419359778
4Anders Håkansson184159343


Georg Törnkvist won this class by a quite large margin. My own model behaved dismally (later found to be due to a loose fin), and ended up last.

No.CompetitorSingle best flights (s)
1Georg Törnkvist378
2Peter Comet331
3Hans Karlsson319
4Kalle Westerblad310
5Anders Sellman297
6Andrea Hartstein111

F4F - Peanut

Entries were down from what has been usual in this class, but nevertheless many good flights were seen, the top models all achieving durations of more than 60 seconds. After the scores were summed up, my Handley-Page Sayers emerged the winner. This model is interesting in that it is covered with transparent mylar film, which has then been spray painted. The result weighs less than normal paper covering and looks very realistic. Close behind was Gustaf Enebogīs gorgeuos Tipsy, which thanks to some testing with longer rubber got a considerable increase in performance.

PlacingCompetitorPlane2 best flights (s)Sum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankScale pointsScale rankTotal ranking
1Andrea HartsteinH.P. Sayers7165136155.512
2Gustaf EnebogTipsy S26145106353.525
3Lars TolkstamPiper Cub6462126242.546
4Anders SellmanFarman Moustique262551449.537

HP Sayers peanut
Andrea Hartsteinīs Handley-Page Sayers ultralight.
Read more about it in the photo gallery.
Tipsy S2 peanut
Gustaf Enebogīs Tipsy is a good flier.
Read more about it in the photo gallery.
Farman Moustique peanut
Anders Sellbergīs Farman Moustique.
Read more about it in the photo gallery.
Piper Cub peanut
Lars Tolkstamīs Piper Cub from the Peck-Polymer kit.

F4E - CO2/electric scale

Only two models were entered in the F4E class, a Demoiselle by Georg Törnkvist and a REP B by Anders Sellman, both of them CO2-powered. In the scale judgement, Georgeīs Demoiselle was the clear winner. It is a true museum class masterpiece, while Anders REP, though well built, was handicapped by having no documentation whatsoever. In the flight judgement, none of the two models succeeded in making a qualifying flight. As Georgīs Demoiselle had flown for the longest time, it was declared the winner, and so became the overall winner of the class.

PlaceCompetitorModelFlight rankingScale rankingTotal ranking
1Georg TörnkvistSantos-Dumont Demoiselle112
2Anders SellmanREP B224

Santos-Dumont Demoiselle
Georg Törnkvists museum scale Demoiselle.
Read more about it in the photo gallery
Anders Sellmans REP B
Read more about it in the photo gallery


The Nocal class had quite a good turnout of entries. Birgit Törnkvist won by a large margin with her Wittman Racer, with flights of up to three minutes.

Borgit Törnkvistīs Nocal
Birgit Törnkvistīs winning Wittman Nocal. Note photo of herself in the cockpit!
Photo by Törnkvist?

PlaceCompetitorSingle best flight (s)
1Birgit Törnkvist180
2Kalle Westerblad134
3Lars Tolkstam130
4Anders Håkansson126
5Peter Comet92
6Andrea Hartstein91
7Lars Tolkstam56
8Georg Törnkvist46


There were only two competitors in Bostonian. Birgit Törnkvist won this class too.

PlaceCompetitorSingle best flight (s)
1Birgit Törnkvist83
2Anders Sellman81

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