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The Swedish indoor championships 1997


The 1997 Swedish indoor championships took place in Malmö, and was arranged by Limhamns model flying club. The hall has a ceiling of 18 meters, but the last meter is occupied by model catching lighting armatures. Thanks to a skylift provided, the models could however be retrieved (with some difficulties). As Malmö is situated in the southernmost of Sweden it is a long way to travel for many fliers, and the number of participants were a bit lower than would have been the case if the competition had been held nearer Stockholm. Not much lower though, the interest in indoor flight is groving in Skåne (the southernmost province of Sweden). The only competitors from outside of Skåne were Stockholmers Sven Pontan and Jonas Romblad.
Finally, the organiser wishes to thank "Firma Kluringen" and "Model-Craft", whose sponsoring helped making this competition possible.

F4F Peanut

As usual with the new F4F rules there was a tie for the first place, and a fly-off between Pontan's Contester and Comet's Lacey. The fly-offs are judged according to realism in flight, and Pontan emerged the winner. There was also a tie for third place, which had to be settled in the same manner.

Tefft Contester
Pontan's winning peanut Tefft Contestor. It started out as an extremely lightweight plane (4.5 grams), covered in coloured transparent plastic film. Since then, it has been much repaired and recovered with more realistic tissue paper. Weight is now 9 grams. It makes nice landings on the tricycle gear, this was a deciding factor in the flyoff.

No. Competitor Club Plane Time of 2 best flights (s) Flight placing Scale points Scale placing Total placing
1 Sven Pontan Haninge Tefft Contetster 157 1 49.5 3 4
2 Peter Comet Vingarna Lacey M10 129 3 68.5 1 4
3 Daniel Ohlsson Skanör-Falsterbo Lacey M10 133 2 31.5 5 7
4 Anders Sellman Vingarna Farman F450 64 5 67.5 2 7
5 Ingvar Persson AKM Old Ironsides 125 4 41.0 4 8
6 Marti Bogdanoff Limhamn Ryan M-1 34 6 20.5 6 12


Sven Pontan , using a variable pitch propeller, won. The silver medalist Comet flew his unbraced Hunt-style model, while bronze medalist Romblad flew an F1L/EZB.

No. Competitor Club 2 best flights (m:s) Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1 Sven Pontan Haninge 14:39 14:39 29:18
1 Peter Comet Vingarna 12:21 13:47 26:08
3 Jonas Romblad Haninge 11:26 10:37 22:03


Romblad won, but Bengt Stibner also showed good performance and was not far behind.

No. Competitor Club 2 best flights (m:s) Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1 Jonas Romblad Haninge 9:26 9:32 18:58
2 Bengt Stibner Malmö RFS 8:52 8:25 17:17
3 Marti Bogdanoff Limhamn 3:09 3:03 6:12


This is a Swedish equivalent to the continental F1D-beginner class. It has not been very well supported in the past, but this time there was a marked increase in the number of competitors. Jonas Romblad got yet another victory with his super model, which has won every competition entered. It has a very large chord to take full advantage of the rules, the covering on the underside of the wing, and circular wing tip end plates.

Romblads model
Romblads winning model in flight. Note how the end plate covering bows inward above the wing, and outward below.

Owe Carlsson with his 50-öring. This class (roughly equivalent to F1D-beginner) was together with Nocal the most popular one.

No. Competitor Club 2 best flights (m:s) Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1 Jonas Romblad Haninge 10:08 10:33 20:41
2 Sven Pontan Haninge 9:24 9:49 19:13
3 Anders Sellman Vingarna 8:16 8:22 16:38
4 Bengt Stibner Malmö 7:39 7:33 15:12
5 Owe Carlson Acroflyers 6:37 7:10 13.47
6 Peter Comet Vingarna 5:36 8:03 13:39
7 Kalle Westerblad Limhamn 6:02 5:54 11:56
8 Daniel Ohlsson Skanör-Falsterbo 5:20 5:40 11:00
9 Anders Håkansson AKM 5:16 5:25 10:41


Usually there is a 6.3 gram minimum weight in Swedish Nocal contests, but that rule was not applied this time (there is still no official set of Nocal rules). As a result, Peter Comets extremely lightweight Waterman Racer (approx. 3 grams) won by a very large margin.

No. Competitor Club Time of 2 best flights (s)
1 Peter Comet Vingarna 424
2 Sven Pontan Haninge 266
3 Kalle Westerblad Limhamn 232
4 Daniel Ohlsson Skanör-Falsterbo 211
5 Jonas Romblad Haninge 179
6 Anders Håkansson AKM169
7 Ingvar Persson AKM 133
8 Owe Carlsson Acroflyers 116
9 Anders Sellman Vingarna 75

The photos were provided by Sven Pontan.

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