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The Swedish indoor championships 1996

The 1996 Swedish indoor championships took place in Idrottshuset; Örebro. This venue has been used several times before, and as usual MFK Nimbus managed to arrange a successful event. In the center of the hall, there is a large lighting armature which always catches several models. Fortunately, it is possible to lower it down to floor height, so the planes are not permanently lost. The time schedule was a bit tight, especially for F1D. This affected those (like Pontan) who tried to fly in (almost) every class.
Just as has been the case during the last years, the scale classes proved to be the most popular, and F1D the least. The junior participation was large in Nocal, but small, or non existent, in the other classes.
Novel for this year was that the international F4F-rules were used in Peanut. The general opinion is that these rules are not very good. They make it is impossible to place well with a no bonus model like a Cub or Lacey, no matter how well it is built. Another problem is that models without visible framework will score low, even if the original used that type of construction. This problem has recently become more acute due to the popularity of the new foam-construction technique, which gives a much more realistic appearance to stressed skin subjects. No foam model competed, but Lars Tolkstam showed an unfinished FW 190. It will be interesting to see if it will fly.

F4F Peanut

Lennart Lilienbergs Voisin Lee-Richards pistachio
Lilienbergs Voisin Canard in flight
Note the large rudder deflection necessary
Hartsteins Lee-Richards pistachio fly-by

This was the first time we used the international F4F-rules in Sweden, and as usual, these rules produced ties which had to be settled by fly-offs. Lilienbergs Voisin Canard and my own Drzewiecki Canard tied for first place. The fly-off, which is judged on basis of realism in flight, was won by Lilienbergs Voisin (it really flies very nice). Lilienberg also had another canard, the Bleriot 25, which was untested but proved to fly well. In 3;d place was Sven Pontan, whose Contester made the longest flight but was let down by poor documentation. Georg Törnkvists 4:th place is especially remarkable in that he flew a pistachio, a Pober Pixie. It is both well built (2:nd static place in Interscale 95, in spite of being a no bonus high-winger) and a good flier, but for some reason only managed one proper flight. The other pistachio entered was my Lee-Richards No3 annular monoplane, but its fuselage was destroyed by a rubber breakage after the first flight (Yes, I know I should have used a winding tube).

Remark; when a "- sign" is used instead of a placing number, it means that this competitor has placed higher with another model.

No.CompetitorClubPlaneTime of 2 best flights (s)Flight placingScale pointsScale placingTotal placing
1Lennart LilienbergHaningeVoisin Hydro-Canard132368.514
2Andrea HartsteinRed BaronDrzewiecki Canard153260.524
-Lennart LilienbergHaningeBleriot 25113450.559
3Sven PontanHaningeTefft Contetster169139.589
4Georg TörnkvistHaningePober Pixie71957.5312
5Olle BlombergNimbusBücker Jungmann72852.5412
6Birgit TörnkvistHaningeLacey M1082537.5914
-Andrea HartsteinRed BaronLee-Richards No.3621050.5515
7S.-O. LindénNimbusAndreasson BA4-B571142718
8Lars TolkstamNimbusPiper J3 Cub73736.51118
9Lars LindénNimbusPiper J3 Cub531237.5919
-Olle BlombergNimbusLacey M1081634.51319
-Lars LindénNimbusNesmith Cougar4713361225


Sven Pontan had built a variable pitch propeller, the first time such a device has been used in Sweden. Although he had not been able to test it before, he soon got everything together and made a flight of 21:49, breaking the hall record by a handsome margin. Unfortunately, the time left did not permit a second flight, and Lasse Lindén won with two more normal flights in the 10-15 min range.

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (m:s)Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Lars LindénNimbus14:5312:0326:56
2Sven PontanHaninge21:49-21:49
3S.-O. LindénNimbus8:287:4816:16


Sven Pontan and Georg Törnkvist were far ahead of the others. Sven got the best single flight, but on his second flight the plane got caught by that dreadful central lighting armature. When he got it down it was too late for another attempt, so Georg Törnkvist won.

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (m:s)Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Georg TörnkvistHaninge10:249:2919:53
2Sven PontanHaninge11:324:1015:42
3Andrea HartsteinRed Baron6:157:0313:18
4Bengt StibnerMalmö6:016:3812:39
5S.-O. LindénNimbus4:235:009:23
6Olle BlombergNimbus2:201:293:49


This is a Swedish equivalent to the continental F1D-beginner class. In spite of the limits on rubber (1 gram) and the min. weight of 3 gram, the flight performance seem to be in the same range as the F1L's. Sven Pontan finally got two good flights and won.

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (m:s)Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Sven PontanHaninge10:099:5019:59
2Lars LindénNimbus6:147:2813:42
3K. A. WesterbladLimhamn6:074:5712:43
4Bengt StibnerMalmö5:314:5710:28
5S.-O. LindénNimbus4:023:577:59


Pterodactyl nocal
The tailless Westland-Hill Pterodactyl.
From a plan in Oct. 91 Aeromodeller

This has become the most popular indoor class in Sweden, probably much thanks to Tomas Leijon and his Blå Hallen competitions. The durations were not very high, but Tolkstams nice looking Me 108 cleared 2 minutes and became the winner.

No.CompetitorClubPlaneTime of 2 best flights (s)
1Lars TolkstamNimbusMesserschmitt Bf 108266
2Åsa KivlingNimbusP-51 Mustang228
3Daniel BrånnNimbusFFVS J22162
4K. A. WesterbladLimhamnPiper Cub133
5Dennis VargaNimbusP 40 Warhawk103
5Andrea HartsteinRed BaronWestland-Hill Pterodactyl V103
7Lars LindénNimbusP-51 Mustang73
8S.-O. LindénNimbusMitsubishi Zero62
9Johan ÖstmanNimbusSukhoi56
10Christ. GustavssonNimbusDornier Do 33553

Miniflyg (Delta Darts and similar planes)

This class was not very well supported this year. Hartstein won with a Flugan (Delta Dart), while the runner up, Erik Huss, flew a Knott.

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (s)Time of 2 best flights(s)
1Andrea HartsteinRed Baron8281163
2Erik HussRiddarhyttan5962121
3Bert LindqvistIkaros5250102
4Jonas JohanssonNimbus514798

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