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1995 Swedish Indoor Championships

Peter Comets F1D Peter Comets F1D mishap
Peter Comet's winning F1D model in flight Peter Comet disentangling his F1D from the steering wire after a mishap

Report from the 1995 Swedish indoor championships in Malmö

by Sven Pontan

Jonas Romblad and I went by train to Malmö. As it turned out, we were the only competitors from outside Skåne. The hall is an old exhibition hall, about 18 meters high. Unfortunately, lighting armatures were hanging down about 1.5 m from the roof along the walls. Many models were caught, but we managed to retrieve most of them, and only a Flugan (AMA-Cub) and my old 50-öres were lost permanently.
On Saturday the Flugan, Antoinette (another simple beginners model) and NoCal competitions were flown, as well as trimming flights for the other classes. NoCal was won by Peter Comet, with flights over 3 minutes. He used the Waterman Gosling designed by Dave Linstrum, as most of the other competitors.
On Sunday, the main competitions in F1L, 50-öres and F1D were held. It was not an easy hall to fly in, and we all got caught in beams and lighting armatures several times. In F1L, I flew my 10 year old model, which is usually started with a moment of more than 18 gcm. Now it had to be reduced to 9 gcm! With two scores of over 11 minutes, I still managed to win after much work.
Jonas Romblad had built a new 50-öres (~F1D Beginner) after the latest fashion. He had tried to make a model with a slow climb, and this turned out to be a successful approach, as he won by a clear margin.
In F1D it was only Peter Comet who had real microfilm models. Jonas and I flew with F1L's. Peter won, but his models can fly much longer than they did. It would have needed a variable pitch propeller to get good times in this hall.
Finally, we would like to thank the organizers for a successful first indoor competition in Malmö.


No.CompetitorClubTime of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Sven PontanB03922:46
2Jonas RombladB03917:05
3Peter CometM16913:35
4Bengt StibnerM0086:11

No.CompetitorClubTime of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Peter CometM16919:38
2Jonas RombladB03918:23
3Sven PontanB03915:45

No.CompetitorClubTime of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Jonas RombladB03918:28
2Peter CometM16914:45
3Kalle WesterbladM3439:19
4Owe CarlssonM0158:26
5Bengt StibnerM0086:30
6Anders HåkanssonM0103:57
7Sven PontanB0392:43

Romblads 50-öres Pontans EZB
Jonas Romblad with his winning 50-öring Sven Pontans EZB-winner. This model was built in 1985,
but has since got a new fuselage.

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