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Swedish Indoor Championships 1994

The Swedish Indoor Championships 1994 took place in the Örebro Athletic Hall (18 m ceiling).

(SM) = official Swedish Championship
(RM) = unofficial Swedish Championship

Photos - A few of the top placing peanuts

Bucker Jungmann peanut Sopwith Triplane peanut Deperdussin peanut
Jungmann by Hultgren Triplane by Hultgren Deperdussin by Törnkvist


F1L (SM)
Plac.CompetitorClub1:st   2:nd   3:d   4:th   5:th    Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Jonas RombladHaninge7:309:248:0711:4011:3223:12
2Georg TörnkvistHaninge8:032:2411:3519:38
3Peter CometVingarna6:236:390:314:4113:02
4S-O LindénNimbus24:054:414:168:57

F1D (SM)
Plac.CompetitorClub1:st   2:nd   3:d   4:th    Time of 2 best flights(m:s)
1Peter CometVingarna6:1918:0610:2918:1536:21
2Lars LindénNimbus13:3012:3026:00
3S-O LindénNimbus8:072:2912:4120:48

Peanut (RM): Best 2 flights of 6 plus scale
Each competitor may enter 2 models but can only place with one of them.

Plac.CompetitorClubType1:st   2:nd   2 best flights (s)Scale    Flight + Scale
1Thomas HultgrenHaningeBücker Jungmann8265147177324
-Thomas HultgrenHaningeSopwith Triplane6357120177297
2Peter CometVingarnaLacey M106766133144277
3Georg TörnkvistHaningeDeperdussin Monocoque514596180276
4Sven PontanHaningePiaggio Pegna PC76968137135272
5Lars TolkstamNimbusFike E6664130132262
6Andrea HartsteinRed BaronLee-Richards No.3463884150234
7Olle BlombergNimbusLacey M106058118105223
8Rolf KarlstenRFK FyrisLacey M10424183120203
9Birgit TörnkvistHaningeLacey M10383169129198
-Lars TolkstamNimbusPiper J3 Cub383270123193
-Rolf KarlstenRFK FyrisRieseler RIII313061126187
-Peter CometVingarnaCorsair88165173
-Rolf KarlstenRFK FyrisPietenpol Aircamper272653117170
-Andrea HartsteinRed BaronH.P. Sayers8787
10Christoffer GustafssonNimbusSpitfire7272

Plac.CompetitorClubType1:st   2:nd   3:d   4:th    Time of 2 best flights (s)
1Peter CometVingarnaWaterman Racer106166180107346
2Sven PontanHaningeWaterman Racer12264135116257
3Olle BlombergNimbusZlin65765971147
4Andrea HartsteinRed BaronBristol Scout5568032135
4Christer CometVingarnaWaterman Racer72586063135
6Jonas RombladHaningePushy Cat43445874132
7Daniel BrånnNimbusZlin53686245130
8Magnus PetterssonNimbusHeinkel 100 V8506262124
9Lars TolkstamNimbusMartin Baker MB56363
10Lars LindénNimbusMustang2029293362
11S-O LindénNimbusZero3224281860
12Kristian ThorénNimbusPZL 24171151532
13Daniel StecklNimbusPZL 241919
14Dennis VargaNimbusMustang1818

Plac.Competitor                   Club          1:st   2:nd    3:d   4:th    Time of 2 best flights(s)
1Christer CometVingarna453995297
2Daniel BrånnNimbus3535313671
3Kristian ThorénNimbus2222242448
4Christoffer GustafssonNimbus11632637

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