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The Swedish indoor championships 2010

The 2010 Swedish indoor champs once again took place in Sätrahallen, Stockholm. With a ceiling of about 15 meters, and non-model-catching wooden rafters, it is a pleasant hall to fly in. This year, the competition was held over two days instead of the usual one day, which made for a more relaxed atmosphere with time for trimming and fun-flying. The usual classes were flown, though F1M didn't have enough entries and was droppped.

In F1D, there was as usual a lack of competitors. To make up the three persons necessary for an official championship class, David entered with an F1L. But improvement may be in sight. No less than three persons promised to build an F1D for next year!

In F1L, there were more flyers. Mats Licke won with two flight of over 13 minutes, the others were somewhat behind. My own plane got caught in a floodlight lamp on its very fist flight, and was nearly impossible to see in the blinding light. When we finally got it down (thanks Sven), the wing was quite thoroughly broken. I thought it had made its final flight, but with some encouragement from others, and a borrowed piece of mylar, I got it in the air again.

In scale, I had repaired my old Drzewiecki peanut. It flew sufficiently well to win the peanut class. Johan Wallin was second with his nice ASJA Viking.
In pistachio, Tolkstam was yet again victorious with his excellent Udet Flamingo. He also showed us a peanut he is currently making, a Gerner biplane, which is built to the same high standars as the Udet, and might well be next years winner.

In nocal finally, Birgit outflew us all with her Wittman racer for the umpteenth time. She says she never needs to retrim it, she just takes it out of its box, winds up the rubber, and then proceeds to post some winning flights! Second was Lars with his Messserschmitt 108, while I managed to squeeze a two minute flight out of my Bristol Scout for a third place.

Some photos

Two flyers discussing their F1L's


Sven working behind his F1D model

damaged F1L   Andrea's F1L after retrieval from a hang-up
..but after some repair it was flyable again   repaired F1L

repaired F1L   The steering/retrieval pole was not quite long enough, so an extra ladder had to be employed when a model got stuck at the top of the ceiling

Bf108 NoCal   Tolkstam preparing to launch his Messerschmitt nocal
Andrea's old Bristol Scout in the air.   Bristol Scout Nocal

Peanut scale judging

The scale judges Sven-Olof and Vailet at work

ASJA Viking peanut

Johan's immaculate ASJA Viking

Gerner peanut

A contender for next year? Lars Tolkstam's Gerner peanut shows superb workmanship



PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Sven Pontan103511172152
2Hans Karlsson8508441694
3David Brohede897-897


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Mats Licke7977871582
2David Brohede6747781452
3Georg Törnkvist6276791306
4Sven Pontan6896011290
5Magnus Candell5975821179
6Andrea Hartstein5696011170


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1David Brohede348354702
2Georg Törnkvist283228511
3Lars Lindén230236466


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Mats Licke281218499
2Georg Törnkvist198243441
3Magnus Candell189213402
4Robert Mlakar158162320


PlaceCompetitorPlane2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Birgit TörnkvistWittman Racer165175340
2Lars TolkstamBf 108 Taifun128140268
3Andrea HartsteinBristol Scout110120230
4Lars TolkstamHeinkel He 11211685201
5Sven PontanPiaggio Pegna8488172
6Max WallinVoisin Tractor353772


PlacingCompetitorPlane2 best flights (s)Sum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankScale pointsScale rankTotal ranking
1Andrea HartsteinDrzewiecki Canard7669145160.012
2Johan WallinASJA Viking 16358121357.025
(3)Andrea HartsteinLacey M107171142252.535
3Lars TolkstamPiper Cub J35350103547.549
4Henrik TisellBA4-B5960119447.059
5Lars LindénNesmith Cougar393978642.0612
(6)Lars LindénPiper Cub J3343165741.0714
6Sven PontanTefft Contestor41-41838.0816


PlacingCompetitorPlane2 best flights (s)Sum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankScale pointsScale rankTotal ranking
1Lars TolkstamUdet U-12375289134.012
2Georg TörnkvistWittman VW-racer201131330.025
3Johan WallinJodel D-9132033228.046
(4)Georg TörnkvistBA4-B7-7429.037
4Sven PontanLacey M10--0620.0511
5Andrea HartsteinANT-23-3510.0611

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