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The Swedish indoor championships 2006

The 2006 Swedish indoor champs took place in Sätrahallen, Stockholm. This hall has a ceiling of about 15 meters, and its non-model-catching wooden rafters make it a pleasant hall to fly in. As the event collided with the oldtimer championships, it was decided to postpone the scale classes, because many of the scale fliers fly oldtimers as well. For us that fly both scale and duration, this made the competition much less stressed than usual.

In F1D, Jonas Romblad made two incredible flights, the best of which was 30:22 (probably the longest flight ever recorded in Sweden), and won the competition by a handsome margin. Pontan and Finnish guest Leif Englund took 2:nd and 3:d respectively, while David Holmström made a token flight with an F1L to make it an official championship (there must be at least three Swedish competitors in a class for it to be an official Swedish championship class).

The most popular class today is F1L. In spite of the Scanian fliers being absent, there were eight competitors, and among them two juniors. The competition was close, with many fliers making flights in excess of 10 minutes, something that was quite rare just a couple of years ago. David Holmström consistently flew a bit better than the others and won, with Lasse and Andrea in 2:nd and 3:d place.

F1M had four entries, though as two of them were from Finland, the class did not count as an official Swedish championship. The Finns flew longer than the Swedes, Tapio Linkosalo taking first with several good flights over 12 minutes.

Ministick and Nocal had only 3 entries each. In ministick, Tomas Leijon won after several hair rising, rafter banging flights of +7 min. Tomas also took the frst place in Nocal, in close competition with Lilienberg's new P39. Tomas actually entered two almost identical Heinkel 178 models, one coming first, the other last!

Some photos

Pontan F1D

Pontan pondering his F1D during a trimming flight


Göran Hedlund's F1L in flight


Hartstein's F1L in flight. Note the quite flexible flying surfaces, and some ad hoc bracing struts

Andera NoCal   Andrea preparing her Bristol Scout Nocal. In the background Göran with an F1L.
Photo by David Holmström
And here is the Bristol Nocal in the air.   Bristol Scout Nocal

Dusty Nocal

One of Tomas Leijon's Heinkel 178 nocals after a hangup in the rafters. During the hangup, the propeller continued to rotate, which caused all the cobwebs and dust to become intwined in the rubber. And there must have been a plentiful supply of those articles...

building board

Johan brought two almost finished Riesler Nocals, but time ran out before he could make an official flight



PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Jonas Romblad172218223544
2Sven Pontan124510922337
3Leif Englund - Finland101710812098
4David Holmström379-379

F1L (J) denotes junior

PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1David Holmström6907991489
2Lasse Britts6506281278
3Andrea Hartstein6196421261
4Göran Hedlund5926191211
5Ludwig Hedlund (J)5246341158
6Magnus Candell5456091154
7Mats Licke5235371060
8Ted Candell (J)239383622


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Tapio Linkosalo - Finland7397291468
2Leif Englund - Finland6215591180
3Kurt Högberg443415858
4Tomas Leijon231-231


PlaceCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Tomas Leijon450445895
2Göran Hedlund321324645
3Andrea Hartstein208180388


PlaceCompetitorPlaneTime of single best flight (m:s)
1Tomas LeijonHeinkel 1782:19
2Lennart LilienbergBell P39 Aircobra2:11
3Andrea HartsteinBristol Scout1:50
4Tomas LeijonHeinkel 178/21:23

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