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The Swedish Indoor Championships 2002

After an intermission of four year, a new Swedish indoor championship was finally held on the 10th of August, 2002. The competition, which took place in Sätrahallen, Stockholm, was arranged by Jonas Romblad and the Solna model flying club. With 21 competitors flying in 11 different classes, it was a great success. The Sätrahallen proved to be perfect for indoor flying, large (66x96 meters), high (13.5 m), and with a clean ceiling without too many model catching hazards.


In F1D, Jonas Romblad was totally invincible. His best flight of 27 min 12 sec was in fact only 37 seconds below the world record for this hall category. Pontan and Comét took second and third places. Daniel Ohlsson, a newcomer to F1D, was not far behind.

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Jonas Romblad163216113243
2Sven Pontan8809361816
3Peter Comét7496231372
4Daniel Ohlsson5806801260

Jonas Romblad F1D
Romblads F1D resting on its stand


I had built a new propeller for my old F1L which made a considerable improvement to performance, but it was not enough to beat Sven Pontan, who won using his old aluminium mylar covered model. Jonas Romblad, who concentrated on F1D, took third place.

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Sven Pontan4475971044
2Andrea Hartstein4915191010
3Jonas Romblad312525837
4Lars Lindén302318620

Pontan F1L
Sven Pontans F1L in flight


Peter Comét won, with Anders Sellman in second place. Pontan didn't have time to make more than one flight.

PlacingCompetitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Peter Comét5506041154
2Anders Sellman459487946
3Hans Karlsson319309628
4Sven Pontan158-158


The Scanians dominated this class, with Peter Comét gaining first place by just one second over Daniel Ohlsson. Kalle Westerblad and Georg Törnkvist were not far behind either.

No.Competitor2 best flights (sec)Sum of 2 best flights (sec)
1Peter Comét416374790
2Daniel Ohlsson405384789
3Kalle Westerblad353402755
4Georg Törnkvist381372753
5Tomas Johansson257276533
6Lars Lindén238242480
7Hans Karlsson282198480
8Lars Eriksson197207404

F4F - Peanut

In peanut we used the old Swedish rules, where the total points are calculated as: total = duration of 2 best flights in seconds + 3 x scale-points
As there is less variation in scale points than in flight duration, this tends to favour the best flyers. My own Drzewiecki Canard won with flights in the 90 second range, with Lilienbergs Voisin Canard in second place. Most of the models had been seen before, but an interesting new one was Gustaf Enebog's Tipsy S2, attractively finished in blue and silver.

PlacingCompetitorPlane2 best flights (s)Sum of 2 best flights (s)Scale pointsTotal points
1Andrea HartsteinDrzewiecki Canard909418442.0310.0
2Lennart LilienbergVoisin Hydro Canard646613040.0250.0
-Lennart LilienbergBleriot XXV555410938.0223.0
3Lars TolkstamPiper J3 Cub565110736.5216.5
4Sven PontanTefft Contester595711628.5201.5
5Hans KarlssonBücker Jungmann50499934.0201.0
6Anders SellmanFarman 450 Moustique33377041.5194.5
7Gustaf EnebogTipsy S234387233.0171.0
-Hans KarlssonMFI 9B34387230.5163.5
-Sven PontanPiaggio-Pegna PC73674339.0160.0
8Olle BlombergBücker Jungmann24244824.0120.0
9Peter CométCorsair--034.5103.5

F4D Rubber-powered scale

This class had only one competitor, Lennart Lilienberg with his peanut Miss Los Angeles.

PlaceCompetitorModelFlight pointsScale pointsTotal points
1Lennart LilienbergBrown B2 "Miss Los Angeles"9799341913

F4E Electric/CO2-powered scale

Only two planes were entered in the F4E class, but both of them were true museum scale models. Both of them were CO2-powered, and both of them Tiger Moths! Georg's model had an all yellow RAF paint scheme, while Tolkstam's was finished in the red/yellow Swedish Air Force colours. Tolkstam's model was the larger of the two, too large to fly in all but the most spacious halls. In fact, it was a bit too large even for the Sätrahallen. To minimize the risk of flying into the walls or the spectator benches, he placed helpers at strategic places, ready to catch the model should it come to close. A wise precaution when the flying circle opened up during the landing phase!

PlaceCompetitorModelFlight pointsScale pointsTotal points
1Georg TörnkvistDH 82 Tiger Moth98111482129
1Lars TolkstamDH 82 Tiger Moth65611161772

CO2 powered Tiger Moth
Tolkstams large CO2-powered Tiger Moth

Manhattan Cabin

With just two competitors, this class proved an easy win for Anders Sjöberg.

PlaceCompetitorSingle best flight (s)
1Anders Sjöberg217
2Andrea Hartstein161


Bostonian, a new class on the Swedish indoor scene, was won by Anders Sellman.

PlaceCompetitorTwo best flightsCharisma factorTotal (s)
1Anders Sellman1141241.15273.7
2Tomas Johansson1301141.10268.4
3Birgit Törnkvist78841.20194.4


The Nocal class had the largest number of entries. The Törnkvist Wittman Racer made the longest flight, but the others were not too far behind. The most unusual model was Daniel Brånns Beriev 12, a Russian two-engined flying boat. Even though it came last, its flight of 36 seconds was quite impressive.

PlaceCompetitorModelSingle best flight (s)
1Georg TörnkvistWittman Racer192
2Kalle WesterbladMaule 5180
3Ginger SjöbergBumble Bee169
4Åsa TolkstamSpitfire169
5Daniel BrånnFocke Wulf136
6Lars TolkstamMesserschmitt 108 Taifun132
7Lars TolkstamHeinkel 112131
8Magnus Jansson (j)Messerschmitt 108 Taifun102
9Andrea HartsteinBristol Scout97
10Daniel Brånn?80
11Olle BlombergBeech Staggerwing71
12Peter CométShinden71
13Daniel BrånnBereiev Be 1236

F1N - Hand Launched Glider

Indoor hand launced glider has been flown occasionally in Swedish competitions, usually with Pontan taking first place. These models are quite difficult to trim and launch for maximum duration, as the best trim usually has very little inherent stability.

PlaceCompetitorThree best flights (s)Total sum (s)
1Sven Pontan19242265
2Jonas Romblad13221954
3Daniel Brånn17181550

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