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The international mini-stick postal competition 1996

The Mini-Stick, (or Living Room Stick) planes have a max. wingspan of only 7", and are the tiniest type of model plane for which regular contests are held. As seen in the picture above they can be flown in an ordinary living room without problems.
The Mini-Sticks are a fairly recent addition to the indoor fauna, but they have managed to spread quickly all over the world thanks to the yearly international postal competitions. This year's event was run by the St. Louis Thermaleers, USA. To be able to fly competitively in halls with different ceiling height a correction factor has been introduced to transform the flight times to a common standard.
This factor is: 627/(167+46*sqrt(h)), where h is the ceiling height in feet. This "correction" is designed to equalize the best performances in low- and high-ceiling halls.

When one looks at this years results one notes a strong dominance of two nations, USA and Japan. We Europeans are clearly left behind. Best among the Swedes was Georg Törnkvist. His duration of over 4 min in his home is, at least to my eyes, impressive, yet it was not enough for more than 56th place.

Georg Törnkvist
Georg Törnkvist steering his Mini-Stick plane. He became the best placed Swede, with a flight of 250 sec. in this room.

Top 15 results (95 competitors)

PlaceCompetitorCountryTime (sec.)Ceiling height (feet)Corrected time (sec.)
1Walt VangorderUSA53817.92932.6
2Jim ClemUSA55823902.6
3Yatabe ToruJapan56329.52846.7
4Mark VancilUSA42410.5841.1
5Bob PlattUSA3988.17836.1
6Onishi ToruJapan54729.52822.6
7Larry MzikUSA47320795.7
8Gene-Francis FrugoliFrance3788.22793.0
9Toru YatabeJapan50829.52764.0
10Walt CollinsUSA3598.17754.2
11Tom SovaUSA44120741.9
12Nonaka ShigezoshiJapan47025.94734.4
13Earl HoffmanUSA42418.95723.9
14Kihara KazumasaJapan47329.52711.3
15Tony SabiscakUSA35310.5700.3

Swedish placings

PlaceCompetitorCountryTime (sec.)Ceiling height (feet)Corrected time (sec.)
56Georg TörnkvistSweden2507.8530.5
76Sven PontanSweden26323.8421.3
84Andrea HartsteinSweden18119.84305.2

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