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Lacey M-10

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About the model
The Lacey is a long time favourite with freefligt scale modellers, and has so good proportions for rubber power that it has been propsed that this plane, together with the Fike E (another squareish, low aspect ratio, light aeroplane), should have to fly in a special competition class of their own! This particular model was built by Anders Sellman from the plans in Building and Flying Indoor Model Aircraft by Ron Williams. At 41 cm wingspan, it is larger than the peanut-class models, and is intended for both indoor and outdoor flying. With this model, Anders won the combined F4D/F4E-class at the 2005 Swedish indoor championships, and it has consistently placed well in outdoor competitions too.

About the origial
The Lacey M-10 was designed by Joe Lacey, and made its first flight in 1962. It was intended to be a practical homebuilt machine; car-towable, and with a cabin that doubles as sleeping compartment. The wing can be swung to lie along the fuselage for towing or parking. The wing is built mainly from wood, while the fuselage is a welded steel tube constrution. Although Lacey sold over 1000 copies of his plans, only one other Lacey has been built, and that was by himself. That aircraft was initially powered by two VW-engines, but due to poor performance the engines were replaced by a single conventional aircraft engine. That plane has also been fitted with Cessna 120 wings.

Scale documentation (3-views and photos) can be found in:

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