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The Kumla indoor competition, March 2009


Sven pondering the flight of his new F1L

Sven had built a new F1L, the "Halltävlarn" design by Jonas Romblad. With this model, and with the help of skillful steering, he achieved flights of over 10 minutes in this rather low ceiling hall. His main contender was David Holmström, also flying the Halltävlarn design I believe. Magnus Candell had a new model too, but was having problems getting it trimmed, probably due to insufficient dihedral. Andrea flew her old model, which simply hasn't the performance to be competitive. A new model is on the building board...

Pontans F1L box
Sven's new F1L box, a very neat construction holding several models
Magnus adjusting his F1L

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (s)Time of 2 best flights (s)
1Sven PontanTeam Tornado5756301205
2David HolmströmLinköpings MFK4825421024
3Mats LickeSödertä:lje MFK443455898
4Andrea HartsteinRed Baron360344704
5Magnus CandellSödertä:lje MFK243190433


David had built a new model and won, much to his own surprise! Georg was close behind.

No.CompetitorClub2 best flights (s)Sum of two best flights (s)
1David HolmströmLinköpings MFK267218485
2Georg TörnkvistNimbus214217431
3Sven PontanTeam Tornado161177338
4Lars LindénNimbus167161328
5Bertil HenrikssonMosquitos147161308

F4F Peanut

Scale judging
Some of the peanuts during the scale judging

It was very nice to see no less than four new participants in peanut! This made for a total of nine competitors, a larger number than usual. And as an extra bonus, everyone got their models trimmed and flying! I believe all the newcomers used the Peck-Polymer kits, an excellent introduction to indoor scale.
The low ceiling limited the performance a bit, and no flights over a minute were made. The longest flight was 55 seconds by Andrea's Handley Page Sayers. This model also placed first, followed by Andrea's Lacey and Lars Tolkstam's Piper Cub. The Piper Cub was incidentally the most popular model, no less than four were entered, all built from the Peck Polymer kit.

No.CompetitorClubPlaneSum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankingScale pointsScale rankingTotal ranking
1Andrea HartsteinRed BaronH.P. Sayers104136.512
2Andrea HartsteinRed BaronLacey M10100334.536
3Lars TolkstamMFK NimbusPiper J3 Cub87434.537
4Sven PontanTeam TornadoTefft Contester10223357
5Sven Olof LindénMFK NimbusAndreasson BA-4B47836210
6Adrian HenkelJordfräsarnaPiper J3 Cub59632612
7Lars LindénMFK NimbusPiper J3 Cub58732613
8Jan-Erik LarssonJordfräsarnaLacey M1086528.5813
9Inge AhlinMosquitosPiper J3 Cub41928918
10Fredrik PetterssonJordfräsarnaPietenpol Air Camper3010261020

Piper Cub peanut
Newcomer Adrian Henkel built this excellent Piper Cub
Piper Cub peanut 3
And yet another Cub! This is Lars Tolkstam's.
Piper Cub peanut 2
A nice break from the yellow Cubs, this is Inge Ahlin's gray and red one
Pietenpol Aircamper
Fredrik Pettersson loading his Aircamper


Lars Tolkstam's new Udet Flamingo is an amazing model. In spite of having small wing area, and being built to highest scale standards, it flies beautifully. Georg's BA-4 is also a very nice model, but he has not been able to trim it out for long flights yet.

PlacingCompetitorPlaneSum of 2 best flights (s)Flight rankScale pointsScale rankTotal ranking
1Lars TolkstamUdet U-12 Flamingo8313012
2Georg TörnkvistAndreasson BA-4B2233014
3Sven PontanLacey M103221535
4Andrea HartsteinTupolev ANT-2-41348

Georg Törnkvist's diminutive BA-4B pistachio.
See the Photo album for more pictures of this model
matchstick plane
And smaller yet! A matchstick-sized Depron? Cessna, also by Georg.


And finally, the Nocal class. As always! dominated by Birgit's Bonzo, even though Åsa Tolkstam was close behind with a Spitfire.

PlaceCompetitorModelSingle best flight (s)
1Birgit TörnkvistWittman Bonzo123
2Åsa TolkstamSpitfire XIX119
3Sven PontanPiaggio Pegna PC779
4Sven Olof LindénFW 19067
5Sven Olof LindénLockheed Vega49
6Sven Olof LindénMr Mulligan42

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