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The Blå Hallen meeting 1999

This years Leijon NoCal trophy saw higher durations in general, and Birgit Törnkvists winning flight of 3:33 set a new (inofficial) Swedish record. The three first placed models all flew over 3 minutes, and were all built and flown by women competitors. The best-in-show prize was won by Ingvar Persson with his Pitts Special. Another noteworthy model was Lars Tolkenstams twin engined DH Hornet. A difficult model which he nevertheless got to fly very well.
Part of the time was set aside for the RC-models, which have grown in popularity, and indoor RC expert Johan Bjurling made an appreciated demonstration of his models.
Unfortunately, this was to be the last of the Blå Hallen meetings. The city council decided that the hall should only be lent out at market price, way to high for model flying.

the Törnkvist table

The winning Nocal by Birgit Törnkvist on top of the prize it won, a box of chocolates. One of the propeller blades seem to have fallen off. Next to it stands husband Georgs foam peanut Andreasson biplane.

Nocal models

Åsa Kivlings Spitfire is a beautiful model and placed third in the competition, with a flight of over 3 minutes. The DH Hornet by Lars Tolkstam is another excellent model. It flew splendidly in spite of the difficulties inherent with two engined rubber power setups.

rc Tiger Moth   Here is Johan Bjurlings radio controlled Tiger Moth which flew very well, and became a favourite with the public.
And here is another of Bjurlings planes, an aerobatic RC model with symmetric airfoil.   Aerobatic RC-model


The Leijon NoCal competition

No.CompetitorPlaneTime of best flight (s)
1Birgit TörnkvistWhitman Racer3:33
2Ginger SjöbergBumble Bee3:25
3Åsa KivlingSupermarine Spitfire3:07
4Tomas LeijonHeinkel 1782:45
5Birgit Ulvfot (proxy)Aeronca Champion2:37
6Jonas RombladPushy Cat2:30
7Tommy WestlinViri2:21
8Lars TolkstamBf 108 Taifun2:20
9Anders SjöbergSE-5A2:11
10Ingvar PerssonPitts Special S1A2:04
11My SchafferMitsubishi Zero1:59
12Anders SjöbergMIG-31:55
13Leo SantalaMitsubishi Zero1:54
14Daniel BrånnZlin1:53
15Daniel BrånnWestland Wyvern1:49
16Andrea HartsteinBristol Scout1:44
17Georg TörnkvistCessna Bird Dog1:35
18Leo SantalaCurtiss Kittyhawk1:29
19Sven-Olof LindénFocke Wulf 1901:17
20Eric PetterssonFalcon 101:15
21Gösta LeijonJ 221:06
22Leo SantalaIl-2 Stormovik1:02
22Sven-Olof LindénMitsubishi Zero1:02
22Lars Tolkstamde Havilland Hornet1:02
25Johan SvanestrandSparmann S1A0:58
26Lars LindénGrumman Bearcat0:57
27Gösta LeijonMartin Baker MB50:46
28Gösta LeijonCurtiss Hawk P6E0:25
29Erik RääfP-51B Mustang0:20

The Solna Flugan (=Delta Dart) competition
The durations in the final, unlimited, fly-off are given.

Seniors (24 flew)
No.CompetitorFly-off result (s)
1Leo Santala81
2Olle Blomberg63
3Risto Nerman38
4Tapio Linkosalo-
5Anders Håkansson-

Juniors (7 flew)
No.CompetitorFly-off result (s)
1Daniel Brånn95
2Janne Lauren82
3Lasse Nyberg-
4Viktor Wågman-
5Erik Pettersson-

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