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The Blå Hallen meeting 1998


As usual the Blå hallen indoor meeting was held in January this year. We are fortunate to have access to this large hall with its high ceiling (21 m); it is the Stockholm town hall and is also used during the Nobel Prize ceremonies. There were three competitions; Leijon Nocal trophy, Solna Flugan (Delta Dart) competition and, new for this year, a 50-öres (F1D-beginner) competition. The Nocal and Flugan competitions attracted a record number of entries, 41 and 31 respectively, with the help of a large Finnish contingent. Another event, which was popular with the public, was the indoor RC demonstration. Several WES-technik Bleriots and Wespes flew at the same time and had ample room for maneuvering in the large hall. With the availability of small commercial RC-equipment, these ultralight RC-models have become quite popular.


The Nocal trophy was reconquered by Ginger Sjöberg, with her Bumble Bee racer. The second place was taken by Tomas Leijon, the originator of this competition. He flew a Heinkel 178, the very first jet aircraft. At 10 grams it is overweight, but clearly shows the potential of freakish models. He intends to build a lighter one for next year, so watch out! Best biplane was Sjöbergs SE5A, with flight times above 2 minutes.

The Flugan competition was flown in three rounds with 40 s max, and then flyoffs with 60 and 80 seconds max. Two attempts were allowed for each flight. In this way, the competition becomes more exciting, if also more time-consuming, than it would be if just counting the x best flights of y attempts.
The competitors left after the 80 sec. flyoff, 2 juniors and 4 seniors, then flew an unlimited flyoff. More than one flyer had broken the 90 sec. level previously, but in the flyoff Janne Laurén was the only one to make more than 80 sec. The top two seniors got the same duration, and so had to fight it out through yet another flyoff. The winners finally emerged as Janne Laurén (juniors) and Anders Håkansson (seniors).

The 50-öres competition did only attract four entries, even if there were more models around. Jonas Romblad won, but Lasse Nyberg was not far behind, and the result was not decided until after the last flight.

Competitions aside, the motto of the Blå Hallen meetings is "Fly for fun". This was done with models of every size, from Tommy Westlins peanuts and pistachios to Kenneth Barman's gigantic rubber powered ornithopters, one of which is shown below. That one, which was also present the previous year, has a span of 2 meters and weighs 250 grams. It could hold level course as long as the very short rubber motor was driving. Even if its flyability is a bit limited, it's huge dimensions make it a very impressive sight.

Barmans gigantic ornithopter Westlin with peanut albatros
Barmans large ornithopter   Tommy Westlin with Albatros peanut


The Leijon NoCal competition

No.CompetitorModelTime of best flight (s)
1Ginger SjöbergBumble Bee206
2Tomas LeijonHeinkel 178192
3Anders SjöbergSpitfire173
4Anders SjöbergMig-3170
5Åsa KivlingSpitfire168
6Anders HåkanssonAirCobra166
7Lars TolkstamBf 108 Taifun140
8Daniel BrånnFocke Wulf 190137
9Birgit TörnkvistWittman Racer135
10Ginger SjöbergBlohm & Voss130
11Anders SjöbergSE 5A128
12Jonas RombladPushy Cat121
13Lennert LilienbergMongster117
14Björn BlomMaule M5110
15Björn BlomTipsy Junior106
16Birgit UlvfotAeronca Champion105
17Sven PontanWaterman Racer88
18Gösta LeijonBell AirCobra83
19Gösta LeijonGreenamayers Bearcat81
19Gunnar UlvfotMaule M581
21Johan SvanestrandP-51 Mustang72
22Birgit UlvfotWaterman Racer70
23Håkan EngströmBf 108 Taifun69
24Dennis VargaP-51B Mustang62
25Andrea HartsteinWestland-Hill Pterodactyl60
26S.O LindénFw 19057
26S.O LindénMitsubishi Zero57
28Jonas JohanssonFw 190 D954
29Thomas BergendahlDouglas Dauntless53
30Lars LindeénMe 10952
30Jojje TörnkvistCessna L 19 Birddog52
32S.O LindénWinnie Mae51
33Bengt HöglundJodel46
34S.O LindénMr Mulligan43
35Dennis VargaSAAB J-2134
36Gösta LeijonBlackburn Blackburn24
37Gösta LeijonCurtis Hawk P6E21
38Gösta LeijonBoeing P26 Peashooter13
39Gösta LeijonHoward Huges Racer11
40Ingvar PerssonKingCobra169 (sent inlämnad)
41Leo SantalaIl-2 Stormovik118 (sent inlämnad)

The Solna Flugan (=Delta Dart) competition
The durations in the final, unlimited, fly-off are given.

Seniors (18 flew)
No.CompetitorFly-off result (s)
1Anders Håkansson79
2Tapio Linkosalo79
3Andrea Hartstein73
4Lars Tolkstam48
5Olle Blomberg-

Juniors (13 flew)
No.CompetitorFly-Off Result (s)
1Janne Laurén84
2Daniel Brånn73
3Lasse Nyberg-
4Viktor Wågman-
5Nico Berglund-

50-öres (= F1D-beginner) competition: (4 flew)
Times given are two best flights and sum of two best flights (=result in competition)

No.Competitorflight 1 (s)flight 2 (s)Sum of two best (s)
1Jonas Romblad, Handen7055661271
2Lasse Nyberg, Finland6755451220
3Tapio Linkosalo, Finland5775551112
4Sven Pontan, Handen424411835

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