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The Blå Hallen meeting 1997

This meeting was held on the 19th January 1997. The annual Leijon NoCal competition was for the first time not won by the Sjöberg family, as Åsa Kivling got the best times with her Spitfire. The best-in-show prize was given to Birgit Törnkvist's Wittman Bonzo racer. 30 models were entered in this contest; a new record Finally a Nocal mass launch was arranged; it was quite impressive to see 20+ Nocals fluttering about. Last down was Sven Pontan with his old Waterman Racer.
As usual, the Solna club arranged a Flugan (Delta Dart) contest which was won by Lars Tolkstam, with a best time of 85 seconds.

Masslaunch of Nocals
Photo by Willy Blom
The Nocal masslaunch, in which over 20 models took part.

Kenneth Barmans ornithopter

This new large ornithopter (2 m wingspan) by Kenneth Barman was seen at the Blå Hallen meeting 1997. It has a weight of 250 grams, and managed to hold a level course as long as the (very short) rubber motor was propelling. The ribs are individually hinged to the front spar, and the construction features a "return spring" to equalize the motor load on the up- and downstrokes.

Hultgrens scale models

A Sommer monoplane and a Wright L biplane built by Jonas Hultgren. The Wright is peanut size, the Sommer is slightly larger at 16" span. Both are very light builds, the Sommer weighs only 5 grams, and the flying surfaces are covered top side only. Not unexpectedly, they both turned out to be beautiful flyers. The Sommer is based on an all balsa Bill Hannan plan, but using built up structure instead.


The Leijon NoCal competition

No.CompetitorPlaneTime of 2 best flights (s)
1Åsa KivlingSupermarine Spitfire305
2Anders SjöbergSupermarine Spitfire295
3Sven PontanWaterman Gosling283
4Ginger SjöbergBumble Bee Racer255
5Tomas LeijonAeronca243
6Lars TolkstamMesserschmitt Bf 108240
7Georg TörnkvistSAAB J21218
8Birgit TörnkvistWittman Bonzo214
9Daniel BrånnFFVS J22208
10Ginger SjöbergMitsubishi Zero195
11Andrea HartsteinBristol Scout194
12Daniel BrånnMesserschmitt Bf 109155
13Tapio LinkosaloLacey M10144
14Jonas RombladPushy-Cat125
15Jan CarlerudPZL P24116
16Erik FredrikssonFocke-Wulf 190108
17Jonas JohanssonMaule M599
18Anders SjöbergMIG 392
19Christoffer GustafssonP 51 Mustang91
20Dennis VargaSAAB J2176
21S.-O. LindénMitsubishi Zero75
22Gösta LeijonTravelair R72
23Janne LaurenMitsubishi Zero69
24Gösta LeijonCurtiss Hawk P664
25Gösta LeijonBlackburn Blackburn61
26Daniel BrånnMesserschmitt Bf 10856
27Gösta LeijonHughes racer49
28Solveig LeijonDemoiselle47
29Anders SjöbergHosler Fury30
30David SchmidtSAAB Safir15

The Solna Flugan (=Delta Dart) competition

Senior class (17 flew)

1Lars Tolkstam
2Anders Håkansson
3Olle Blomberg

Junior class (8 flew)

1Janne Lauren
2Johan Österman
3Erik Fredriksson

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