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The Blå Hallen meeting 1996

This meeting was held on the 7th January 1996. It was featured in an article in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, so in addition to the model flyers there were also a lot of spectators. The annual Leijon NoCal competition was as usual won by the Sjöberg family. Anders got the best times, using his MIG-3, but Ginger came a close second with the Bumble Bee. Anders also flew a SE5, which became the best placed biplane. The best-in-show prize was given to Jonas Romblad and his Pushy Cat.
There was also a Flugan (Delta Dart) competition arranged by the Solna model club, which was won by Gunnar Holm. The best times in this competition was over 80 seconds (original kit and propeller, but with no restrictions for the rubber).

Some photos

The winning MIG-3 built by Anders Sjöberg. The original is a Soviet fighter from WW2.

SE 5 Nocal
By Anders Sjöberg. The photo was taken without a flash, using fast 1600 ASA film. A plan of this plane is found in Sept. 1993 Aeromodeller.

Tipsy Junior
Built by Björn and/or Willy Blom. It proved tricky to trim, and had to be shelved in favour of their trusty Maule. Later they have made it abandon its bad habits.


The Leijon NoCal competition

No.CompetitorPlaneTime of 2 best flights (s)
1Anders SjöbergMIG-3375
2Ginger SjöbergBumble Bee Racer368
3Ginger SjöbergMitsubishi Zero339
4Sven PontanWaterman Gosling330
5Lars TolkstamMesserschmitt Bf 108304
6Anders SjöbergSE-5A227
7Åsa KivlingP-51 Mustang213
8Björn BlomMaule M5205
9Daniel BrånnFFVS J22159
10Jonas RombladPushy-Cat151
11Daniel BrånnZlin 50149
12Johan SvanestrandP-51 Mustang139
13Gösta LeijonBearcat129
14Dennis VargaHansa Jet124
14Birgit UlvfotWaterman Gosling124
16Jan CarlerudPZL 24111
16Andrea HartsteinWestland-Hill Pterodactyl V111
18Olle BlombergZlin 50107
19Per CarlinWaterman Gosling106
20Birgit TörnkvistLacey M1092
20Gösta LeijonTravelair R92
20Gösta LeijonP-39 Airacobra92
23Daniel BrånnTipsy Nipper90
24Tomas BergendalMaule M587
25Magnus PetterssonDyke Delta43
26Johan SvanestrandSparmann S135
27Tomas BergendalPZL 24-
27Birgit UlvfotAeronca Champion-

The Solna Flugan (=Delta Dart) competition (10 flew)

1Gunnar Holm
2Andrea Hartstein
3Mats Lugnefors

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