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The Blå Hallen meeting 1995

This meeting was held early in January 1995. As usual there were a lot of people, both flyers and spectators. The annual Leijon NoCal competition was won by Ginger Sjöberg with a Blohm & Voss BV141 asymmetric plane. The best-in-show prize was given to Jani Nieminen for his P38 Lightning. With its 2 motors it flew well, if not for great duration. An unusual model in the Nocal competition was Gösta Leijon's SG-38 primary glider. It was towed up with a fine thread, but it was not possible to get it very high. Among the other notable models seen was a large (wingspan=1,8 m) rubber powered canard ornithopter. It did not have enough power to sustain itself in the air, but did some majestic, slowly descending flights across the hall. The builder of this machine is Kenneth Barman.

Some photos

X15 Nocal
Most things can be made to fly, but this X15 Nocal could not! By Björn and Willy Blom. The original was an American rocket driven space-plane from the 60's.

Canard ornithopter
The large canard ornithopter by K. Barman got a lot of attention from photographers. Note the Christmas tree in background.

The Leijon NoCal competition - results

No.CompetitorPlaneTime of 2 best flights (s)
1Ginger SjöbergBlohm & Voss 141229
2Ginger SjöbergBumble Bee Racer226
3Anders SjöbergSpitfire190
4Birgit UlvfotAeronca Champion177
5Lars TolkstamMesserschmitt Bf 108175
6Johan SvanestrandMustang159
7Johan SvanestrandSparmann S1158
8Björn BlomMaule M5154
9Jonas RombladPushy-Cat150
10Sven PontanWaterman Gosling145
11Daniel BrånnZlin 50143
12Ginger SjöbergMitsubishi Zero127
13Lennart LilienbergAeronca K117
14Birgit ULvfotWaterman Gosling115
15Olof BlombergZlin 50113
16Birgit TörnkvistMitsubishi Zero97
17Kristian ThorénFocke-Wulf 190 D95
18Dennis VargaBlohm & Voss 14190
19Gösta LeijonSAAB B1779
20Daniel BrånnTipsy Nipper78
21Jani NieminenHeinkel He 100 D58
22Gösta LeijonHandley Page E54
23Gösta LeijonHughes Racer44
24Anton UlvfotAntoinette43
25Gösta LeijonTravelair R41
26Jani NieminenP 38 Lightning35
27Gösta LeijonEtrich Taube28
28Gösta LeijonSG-38 (glider)12

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