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The Blå Hallen meeting 1994

The 8th January 1994 it was time again for the annual blå hallen meeting. As usual there were a lot of people present, both flyers and spectators. Although primarily intendend as a "fly for fun" meeting, there were some competitions too.
Amongst these, the Leijon NoCal trophy competition attracted the largest interest. It was won by Ginger Sjöberg, who got really good times with a Mitsubishi Zero. As if this was not enough, she took the 3:rd and 5:th places too.
The best-in-show prize was won by Björn Blom with his See-Bee, where the propeller is driven by a curved piano-wire. A problem with this plane is that the high thrustline gives a strong nose-down force under power. If trimmed to fly well under power, it then stalls badly as the power fades, which prevents good durations to be achieved.
Another interesting model was the tailless floatplane Burgess-Dunne Nocal by Georg Törnkvist, which he built as a pre-study for a pistachio project. It had a geared propeller, but did not manage any significant flights and placed last.

Some photos

Sea Bee NoCal
A NoCal (profile scale) model of the Republic Sea Bee by Björn Blom. The 4-bladed propeller is driven by a curved piano wire. It flies about 25 sec. This model won the "Best in show" prize at the Blaa Hallen meeting 1994.

Bristol Scout Nocal
By Andrea Hartstein. The model is built from a plan in May 1993 Aeromodeller , but with revised (lightened) wing structure. As it has a very short nose, it requires a substantial noseweight. The photo shows a larger propeller than the one used in 1994. This larger propeller increased durations with about 1/2 minute.

Handley Page E "Yellow peril"
A simplistic approach to NoCal scale built by Gösta Leijon. The pilot in the back seat appears to have looped the loop once too much...

Tailless NoCal by Georg Törnkvist. Note geared propeller. The original is an 1914 American floatplane development of the Dunne self-stable aeroplane


The Leijon NoCal competition

No.CompetitorPlaneTime of 2 best flights (s)
1Ginger SjöbergMitsubishi Zero360
2Sven PontanWaterman Gosling 275
3Ginger SjöbergBlohm & Voss 141271
4Anders SjöbergSpitfire246
5Ginger SjöbergBumble Bee racer233
6Birgit UlvfotAeronca Champion229
7Anders SjöbergMIG-3215
8Lars TolkstamMB-5170
9Andrea HartsteinBristol Scout148
10Olle BlombergLacey M10137
10David EskilssonSAAB Safir137
12Gösta LeijonBearcat133
13Magnus PettersonMustang132
14Birgit UlvfotWaterman Gosling129
15Calle CarlinHughes H198
16Björn BlomSAAB J29 Tunnan89
17Gösta LeijonHughes Racer78
18Daniel BrånnAntoinette70
19Gösta LeijonTravelair R69
20S.O LindénMustang57
21Johan SvanestrandSparmann S154
22Gösta LeijonEtrich Taube49
23Willy BlomSee Bee42
24S.O LindénMitsubishi Zero29
25Calle CarlinCessna25
26Georg TörnkvistBurgess-Dunne8

Solna Flugan (=Delta Dart) competition; Senior Class

(7 flew)

1Gunnar Holm
2K-J Qvarfordt
3Lennart Axelsson

Solna Flugan (=Delta Dart) competition; Junior Class

(8 flew)

2Patrik Sandström
3Nicklas Bäckström

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